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by louthandproud on July 8, 2015

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ladies and gentlemen we have a serious chance…


here’s why

We’ve been here before, I’ve been here before, March actually.
My Scouting report now, compared to one I did on them then before the league clash does not change a great deal have a read if you wish.

There team has not changed a great deal either with the exception of superb Full forward Michael Quinlavin will be fit and Irish Compromise Rules full back Ciaran McDonald is back from injury. Great.

So the team that shot 4-16 past us that day in Drogheda has now improved you say and you’re telling me we still have a great chance.

Yes I am.

Chance #1

My outlook on Tipperary after we played them in the league was one of frustration. Believe it or not, but our defenders were excellent that day. Pop did an excellent job on Sweeney while the rest of our defence held their own too.

The problem was not theirs but our downfall lay further out the field, we could not retain possession, our midfield wasn’t competing, we kicked the ball into isolated forwards and as a result our defenders were under a tidal wave of Tipperary attacks and they could only hold out for so long. On top of all the above we didn’t give them any protection whatsoever!

Luckily, going by the way we set up against Leitrim we will give our defence protection on Saturday and that will go a long way into giving us a chance.

Chance #2

If you can remember back to that game, you will remember one thing….the Derek Crilly Hat-trick from the bench. We lived on scraps basically and still scored 3-11.
Like I’ve been saying all year, our forwards whoever they are or whatever the combination will get scores. That game proved it.
On Saturday, we can look to a wide open Semple Stadium pitch, the home of hurling for our forwards to make hay.

Chance #3

Furthermore their big ginger midfielder George Hannigan is out, he scored a goal in the opening minute in the Gaelic Grounds. He is a big player for them literally! massive presence around the middle and major loss for them. The mercurial Colin O’Riordan will more than likely go in the middle but he does not possess the size and presence Hannigan has.
Our two midfield partners, Peach and Durnin (sounds like a 70’s cop show) have the length on most midfielders and their simplified role of competing around the middle worked a treat the last day and they should be more than capable of handling the Tipperary U21 pair. This gives us a major foothold in the game and with Bevan and McKeevers industry too it means possession. Possession is good news for our forwards.


Chance #4 & #5 & #6

We’re underdogs, pressure is off.
We’re away from home, pressure is off.
We’ve nothing to lose

Chance #7

Now don’t get me wrong they are a serious outfit and possess two of the best inside forwards in the game but, they themselves, might underestimate us after the last day.

That is where we need to step up with our honesty and workrate and take and make this advantage count!

Is it Saturday yet!?

more tomorrow thanks for reading!

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