August 2020

Louth and Proud Champod on Patreon launches today

by louthandproud on August 13, 2020

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Launching today, a bunch of subscriber-only Louth and Proud Champod podcasts.
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With thanks to Ardee Credit Union and DEFY

I’ll begin with 12 preview podcasts there waiting for you. Where I’ll be going through each and every team and each and every group with special guests.
We’ll plot exactly how your team can win their respective championship. Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

Each and every week of the championship season you’ll get two extra podcasts.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get your free podcast on Sunday night recapping the weekend that was, but the in-depth juicy good stuff will come Tuesday and Thursday where i’ll be.

Dissecting your clubs chances and performances. (Tuesday)
Giving my Red Stars: Naming the players that shone be called up to Louth squad every (Tuesday) see the jersey
Shooting the breeze interviews with special guests. (Thursday)
Behind the scenes footage and extras (Thursday)
Previewing the weekends games.(Thursday)
Laying it all on the line with ballsy predictions. (Thursday)

Sound good? Click the orange button below to get started

For €4 a month join me and enjoy what already looks to be a hell of Louth Championship season even more by becoming a Louthandproud-er

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