MY Team to face Tipp

by louthandproud on July 7, 2015

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I name my team to face Tipp

But a few questions need to be answered first.

Does Toner come in?

He’s eligible, he’s definitely eligible!
I think I named the Pats man in 2 teams this year only to be told he was suspended!
He’s certainly made an impact this season but does he warrant his place back after being out?
For me, no.
He hasn’t made his debut so it would be too much of a risk but he’s a great option off the bench as a defensive cover goes.
As we know, Tipperary have a serious set of forwards so he will feature at some stage Saturday


Thor Conor Grimes from the Start?

This is a key question for us ahead of Saturdays qualifier.
Why? because the dynamic of our forward line and actual forward play revolve around this man.
When we do start Conor we tended to lump the ball in on top of him usually 50/50 and we lose our way.
As you know, Conor didn’t start the last day, we went small and retained the ball alot better. He came in off the bench against tired defenders and with his power and made a winning impact.
I think we do the same again.
Also Semple Stadium is a massive wide open space which suits our mobile forwards down to the ground.


Does anyone come in for the winderness

Jim, Eoin if fit, might force their way in,
Eoghan Lafferty didn’t put a foot wrong
Derek Maguire also made a positive impact the last day out.
But I can’t see anyone forcing their way in but, a high quality bench to have at CK’s disposal could be the winning of the game.


Start the same team that started the last day

For me, personnel wise, yes and my main reasons are not even to do with the individuals but the collective.
The 15/20 players the last day made the starting point in our development going forward and they deserve the chance to start the game again and work on the system.
Besides, they will be most familiar with it anyway so it only makes sense.




Tipp scouting report will be up tomorrow and starting the same team again makes even more sense so tune in tomorrow folks


and thanks for reading

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Anonymous July 7, 2015 at 5:40 pm

Nice team maybe toner for Williams

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