Scouting Report: Sligo

by louthandproud on March 5, 2015

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When you think of Sligo and danger.


one player springs to mind

That player is David Kelly.

He has struggled with injuries in recent seasons but he is back to his best and will take some watching on Sunday.
Pop will spend the afternoon tracking him.

However Sligo’s biggest threat is full forward Adrian Marren
A huge test for Paddy Reilly who has been excellent at full back for us so far this season.
Marren is aggressive, pacy and most importantly accurate either by placed balls or open play.
Very interesting to see how Reilly gets on and how we cope with this inside threat.

Also, former full back Dessie on Mark Breheny will be a key battle on Sunday Breheny is elusive and likes to pull the strings on the forty.
A special eye will need to kept on this match up on Sunday.

They’ve conceded 48 points in 3 games. to concede an average of 16 points a game.

So they may have some good players but on paper it looks like they are playing without a system, a defensive system.
we need to expose that.

Looking at the most recent loss to Clare, who love to build from the back that to me would indicate that their talented forwards may not like to tackle. Clare were relentless against us for building at the back but once we turned them over we got on top but that took alot of hard work. Darren O’Hanlon , Anthony Williams and all our defenders in general will look to Counter this on Sunday and take advantage of the Sligo forwards laziness.

Even more interestingly their Half backline conceded 10 points from play!
Keelan Cawley, Noel Gaughan and Brendan Egan who plays for the Vincents in Dublin, are all classy players and excellent on the ball.
However they may be niave in going forward and forgetting their defensive duties.

We have quite a potent and hardworking half-forward line in Decky, Judgie and Reido if they get on the scoreboard Sunday it will go along way in setting us up for victory.

A team on paper that has bags of talent but in reality don’t have a system of play.
We need to exploit this come 2pm Sunday.

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