NFL Build UP: Limerick Home Factor

by louthandproud on April 1, 2015

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Limerick this Sunday, Drogheda 3pm


Be There

We have four points on the board and all four came from two wins in Drogheda. The home factor was always going to be key to our survival.

We beat Clare and Wexford with good performances while notching 3-11 against a excellent Tipperary side.

It’s not so much the Partisan atmosphere Drogheda that gives us the advantage, However when the bank gets going it can get under many a visiting free takers skin, but the unique playing conditions and quirks the venue has that gives us the advantage.

The pitch has corners has slopes that need to be judged, it’s wide and open around the middle, the bench now sits in the stand and there is no real scoring end as such.

You only know these quirks when you’ve played there on numerous occasions.

These little percentages will be needed most on Sunday afternoon.

If you only get to one game this year make it this one.




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