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by louthandproud on March 30, 2015

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Plenty to talk about


ahead of a massive week for Louth Football.


Before I get to the seriousness, can I just shine a light on Ryan Burns for a second.
The youngster carried the Louth challenge more or less single-handedly on Saturday night. When Armagh were fluffing their Lines the Hunterstown lad showed impeccable temperament to nail free kick after free kick. It was a performance well above his years and experience too. Afterall, this is his first league campaign!
Allow that to sink in for a second, because I think we’ve forgotten how young and how precocious a talent Ryan actually is!

The conditions were downright awful at times, we were down to 14 men for majority of the second half and away from home but my god did we battle!
We went down with a fight on Saturday night, literally!!
GOAL Question mark
The Melee at the end was sparked from a ball that possibly crossed the line. Ryan Burns hit a fourteen yard free low and hard and it perfectly skidded off the wet surface and bounced off numerous players shins.
I couldn’t tell whether the ball crossed the line from where I was but it looked like it was handled on the ground by an Armagh player or two and it certainly didn’t look like a free out!
In my opinion the referee panicked and safest decision for him and his safety was to blow for free out.

Limerick Next
So Limerick decide to flipping win yesterday, lovely!

It means Clare, Limerick Sligo and ourselves are on 4 points.
Clare and Sligo are at home to both already promoted Armagh and Fermanagh not ideal.
We play Limerick also at home next Sunday, basically in a winner stays up, do or die game.
We can not afford to go down!

I’ll have more on this crucial game all this week so tune in!!!!


Meanwhile, Domestically Ardee and the Blues will compete in the Sheelan Cup Final.
While Sean O’Mahony, Geraldines and O’Connells are through the Sheelan Shield semi Finals

Glen Emmets will play Lannleire in the Kevin Mullen Shield final.
Kevins and the Mals will compete for the Kevin Mullen Plate

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louthandproud April 1, 2015 at 11:24 am

Correct and Right….I don’t want my mind to go there too risky of a mindset to have going into such an important game!

GG March 30, 2015 at 8:01 pm

I believe a draw will do us against Limerick as the head to head will be equal and we will have better score diff

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