Leinster Championship BUild UP:Rallying Call

by louthandproud on May 12, 2015

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Not gonna lie to you, the county is at an all-time low about the county team.


Many don’t even know we are playing, never mind that it is Championship!

This is my rallying call.

Speaking of calls, many of my recent ones had conversations that went something like this.

You going to the game this Sunday?
No? You mad!? Ok……emmm
What game? nevermind
No I’m away… but you knew Louth were playing!? Exactly…

Generally speaking No was most peoples reply but my point is there is no  hype, little chat or enthusiasm about this Sunday whatsoever.

In years gone by, we might have been shite but come what May, championship time would roll around and the whole county would be buzzing and looking forward, with a naïve confidence!

There was a spell in the 90’s where every year it was Dublin, first round. We knew in our souls we weren’t going to get the win but still, we were there to see for ourselves and cheer our lads on and maybe half convince ourselves we could sneak a win.

This Sunday we need to dig deep as Louth supporters and muster up that enthusiasm again. We need to bring the next generation along with us too.

The unpaid professionals you hear about, those indentured slaves? It is not Dublin, Mayo and Kerry.
They are our own and they will be on show on Sunday afternoon.
The Sublimest skill and passion right on our door step on home soil…these lads are your next door neighbours, they’ll pass you in Aldi, they probly teach your kids, built your houses and in their spare time they represent where they are from.

Why can’t we do the same?

They’ve up the ante We can’t let them down.

We are needed now more than ever.



Only 4,000 Gaels will be lucky enough to secure tickets and get in.

If you don’t know where, Give me and shout and I’ll point you in the right direction.

My Team tomorrow!


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