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by louthandproud on May 13, 2015

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CK will be naming his team soon but in the meantime


I’m naming who’d I’d like to see in the first 15 and explaining why…here it is

There is an actual competition there now at the minute, Gally is being pushed all the way by Craig Lynch from the Jocks.
Purely on kick outs.
Gally’s kick outs were erratic in the league but i put it down to a number of factors, a new midfield combination, impressive opposing midfielders, lack of confidence in the side to take the short ones and the manager focus on kicking it long.
Verdict: Gally Still gets the nod for me his shot stopping is never questioned and has the potential to nail all his kick-outs.

Full Back line:
Our most solid line in 2015 and because of that I’m sticking to the one we saw in majority of the League.
This is all the more surprising when you factor in that we have a debutant, a rookie fullback alongside a veteran.
As a unit they’ve come through well in most games and considering we’ve been relegated that is even more impressive.
Westmeath have a potent inside line but we should be well capable of holding our own.
As all full back lines their success will be dependent on possession out the field.
John Heslin more than likely will start on the edge of the square. Paddy Reilly will know his game inside out as they play together with UCD thats a huge plus. I’ll have more on this later in the week.
Verdict: Kevin Toner, Patrick Reilly and Pop
Update: Turns out Toner is Suspended I thought League and Championship were different how and ever his Pats clubmate Darren O’Hanlon should come in for him.

Half Back line:
The balance needs to be right here.
Dessie is the anchor at 6 and that suits us with the threat of Heslin at full forward.
Williams and Reido on either flank will be given the opportunity to attack once their defensive duties are covered.
Reido comes into half back having played on the wing most of the year but having been successful there in that position against the same opposition last year its not much of a risk
Verdict: Anthony Williams, Dessie Finnegan, Adrian Reid

It was always going to be tough on whoever started there this season and it doesn’t help when the current manager says as much.
Bevan Duffy and Eoin O’Connor our most used partnership have been somewhat unfairly scapegoated for our relegation.
However, they are still our best options and should start there Sunday.
Eoin O’Connor is a big game player and Sunday is a big game and Bevan Duffys workrate was excellent throughout the league so I’ve no doubts whatsoever.
Kelly has drafted Peach Califf into the setup and I’d throw him straight into the mix to provide our partnership with some relief and Gally another option.
Verdict: Bevan Duffy Eoin O’Connor and James Califf

Half Forward line:
The modern day half-forward line is now cited with work-rate. We know this and I’ve picked it accordingly.
The form and scoring ability of Derek Crilly and Decky alone means they both need to be in the side and where we get most out of them, is the wing.
Furthermore they are also a kick out option.
Judgie on the forty provide a constant link to our inside line and has played that role excellently during the league.
Verdict: Crilly, Judgie and Decky

Full Forward line:
For me Space and familiarity of Drogheda alone and our inside line is the potential winning of the game.
Leaving the two players that both made a huge impact against Westmeath last year is a must.
A year on, are they better players? I think so and I expect them to succeed again on Sunday especially if we leave them inside with tons of space.
Verdict: Grimes and Burnsy


My Team:To win we need to pack the middle, improve our chance to win primary possession around the middle of the field and help out our Goalkeeper kickout wise.
This team also provides space for our key forwards to operate.

What do you think?

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louthandproud May 13, 2015 at 9:32 pm

I agree he was brilliant last year his five points from play were super, think i said at the time that it was his best ever in a louth jersey.
I’d like to hold him in reserve and use his pace against tired legs and the experience he has means he is reliable to do the job!

Anonymous May 13, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Surely Derek Maguire should start. Best players on the pitch last year when we bet them at centre half forward

Anonymous May 13, 2015 at 3:30 pm

I believe Dessie Finnegan is too unfit for centre half back!! If Reilly is going to play he might be better there as he likes to attack with his club.. I don’t think a 2 man full forward line is enough as we really don’t know how to use a sweeper and he could be better placed in that line!!!

louthandproud May 13, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Thanks for that I thought League and Championship were different suspension wise. how and ever, his Pats clubmate Darren O’Hanlon should come in for him.

Anonymous May 13, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Toner is suspended

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