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by louthandproud on July 27, 2014

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2 venues, 12 teams yes, 12 teams!
Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (11)


Here’s my triple header X2 previews

What a line up in Drogheda, 4 senior teams and the possible Junior Champions all on Show each game with something to play for.

The only game I can call is the Plunketts the others are far too tight.

However, If Stabannon win they give themselves a chance but it will come down to score difference.

Get this, if Stabannon win by 28 points and the Seans win the Plunketts go out!!

Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (10)


The Seans should beat the Dowdallers and go through in second place. However beware of Noel Finnegan and co.

Mochs Mals
straight shoot out for second place I think the Mochs are in better shape to do it….a weeks recovery, focus and scouting mission on the Mals game last weekend.

IFC Group 1

Whatever happens tonight the Joes are through.
The Naps are in purgatory waiting on how the Fechins fare!


Fechins win they top the group
Draw: Fechins go through in second place
Fechins lose by one. They still go through second.
Fechins lose by two I haven’t a clue what happens as  they’ll have the same score diff as Naps and points and they drew…does it go down to score for? or goals? or is it a playoff?
Fechins lose by more than 2 they go out Naps go second.

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