Complete Quarters line-up

by louthandproud on July 27, 2014

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SO we now know the quarters!

Louth Football Championship’s 2014

Great Champo so far


SFC Quarters….

Current senior Champions Blues face current  Int Champs Gers
Clogher play Cooley,
Pats Face Mattock
Gaels play Marys
SFC relegation
Naomh Martin play O’Connells and Kilkereley play Raths

IFC Quarters…

Mochs play Fechins
Joes play HTown
Clans play Glyde
Brides play SOM
IFC relegation
Naps, play Mals, and Roche play DYI

JFC Quarters…

Plunketts play Kevins
Seans play Mitchells
St Finbarrs  play Westerns
Glen Emmetts Play Dunleer

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