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by louthandproud on January 30, 2015

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The Fermanagh team will be announced late this evening



here is their tactics and Dangermen to look out for……

Ok some good news to begin with….Similar to us and PK, Fermanaghs most recent star Barry Owens  has retired thankfully!

However a new man has taken the spotlight and turned the attention to himself and taken the mantle as the best footballer in Fermanagh and there is no-one arguing with him.

The threat

Sean Quigley from Roslea is the man I am talking about.
This is him:
He’s Mean,He’s both footed, He’s aggressive and shows nice clever touches around the square especially for a big man.

If I was to tell you he is the best forward in Ulster at the moment you might think I am mad.

But the facts are there, he was top Scorer in the McKenna Cup.

to elaborate further.

Thats shows how prolific he is and can be and the threat he poses us on Saturday night.

He is a Real handful and if are to get a result in Enniskillen we need to shut him down at all costs.

How to stop him?

Paddy Reilly has been given task and he is well able to do the job but in his first competitive game at full back he’ll need help in front of him and behind.
Gally and Our Corner backs will have to be decisive and aware of the high balls dropping in or the second balls knocking off Quigley.

Quigley’s scoring is the Key to Fermanaghs’s  good early season form….McKenna Cup semi appearance. Beating Queens and Derry  lost to Donegal and Cavan by a point along the way


Fermanagh’s whole game plan depends on him, they are now playing a defensive game that has them playing 12 men behind the ball.

We need to pack that area…Stifle him and we Stifle Fermanaghs main Scoring outlet…..plain and simple.

Do this and we have a great chance.

Also, he is the type of chap that, if he does get well marked his temperament is not the best….so he could be the Key to taking down Fermanagh in more ways than one!

Best The rest

Fermanagh have quality right down the spine of their team.

Along with that quality, they have size Ryan Jones for example on the forty is big man and more natural midfielder.


Eoin Donnelly is a mountain of a man in the middle too, He’ll have to match up with our Donnelly…
It will be interesting to see how the Cooley man gets on without the safety blanket of PK for the first time in his career.

Ryan McCluskey is a very classy operator at centre back Colm Judge will relish coming up against him, I look forward to that battle.


I’ve highlighted the over-reliance of Quigley up front to do the majority of scoring for them Tomas Corrigan Dominic’s son is a trickey forward but other than that, majority of there forwards are gun shy.

They are struggling for a partner in the middle for Donnelly. So It’s a great opportunity for our new midfield partnership of Eoin O’Connor and Brian Donnelly to get a good start.

Fermanaghs full back line are no world beaters, isolate them and they can be punished but they play a highly defensive game meaning we will only get a slim chance of exposing them but we will get a chance and thats where we have to be clinical.





thanks for reading all week.

I’ll have my Match Preview up in the morning too….you can read it on your way to Enniskillen!!

and if you can’t make it….I’ll have LIVE match feed right here too from 6.30pm!

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