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by louthandproud on January 29, 2015

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With the team named last night


Here’s my reaction to that team to face Fermanagh Saturday night.

Also I’m going to give you My Louth Team.

So Colin Kelly has named his Louth Team to face Fermanagh here it is.

Talking Points

Absentee’s Explained
For those of you wondering why our most experienced full back Dessie Finnegan is not named full back!? well it is because he is unavailable for the game altogether.
Conor Grimes is a big shock for me…he started for DIT in their shock loss to GMIT in the Sigerson cup during the week although he was taken off, he might well be injured. All in all a big loss as he is our best option on the edge of the square.

O’Byrne Cup waste

What annoys me most about this team is the waste of O’Byrne Cup experimentation sure, managements hands might have been tied with injuries and college absentee’s but we are more experimental going into our first league game than our first O’Byrne cup game!

Derek Crilly having played full back and centre back in the OBC now finds himself at right half for the first time this year! We now see Paddy Reilly at full back for the first time and the impressive newcomer Anthony Williams left out.
The reason behind my apprehension is Fermanaghs main threat is a certain Sean Quigley you’ll find out more about the full forward tomorrow in the scouting report.

Lack of defense
It looks from the team layout that we are going to be playing an orthodox, man for man, 2 corner forwards, 15 v 15 type line up. Thats fine if it were 1995!
We conceded alot of goals in the O’Byrne cup and the goal tally could have been more if Carlow had their shooting boots on too.
Nothing in this team tells me that we have tried to bolster our defence or even try to aid it somewhat…if anything it looks a little exposed.

AOR took alot of flak for being so called defensive when really there is not alot you can do when the other team decides to shut up shop…it’s the way the modern game has gone and Saturday night will be no different.
Fermanagh, even though they are at the bottom of the food chain up north are still going to be systematic and highly tactical and getting plenty of men behind the ball.

For what its worth here’s what Louth Team to face Fermanagh
_fermanaghteam (1)

Scouting Report tomorrow

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louthandproud January 30, 2015 at 9:45 am

I think Crilly is perfectly suited to the role and having played Fullback already this year would make him an even more cleverer sweeper!
Reilly is a good player and Saturday will really test him but I think he could stick to the task admirably!

Harry Woods January 29, 2015 at 11:45 am

Agree with your team more so than kellys. In my opinion Deckie is the obvious choice at centre half for louth now and a sweeper roll would suit crilly as his lack of pace can leave him exposed if he has to mark man to man. Big task for Reilly at full back. Best of luck lads!

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