Emmets of Kilkerley

by louthandproud on September 23, 2015

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Introducing your 2015 Louth intermediate Finalists

Kilkerley Emmets

The New Kid

Louth Minor and sharpshooter Tadhg McEneaney has handled his first year in excellent fashion, Has a big future ahead of him regardless of what happens Sunday.

The Underrated

James Fegan is one of those that never got a run with the county for whatever reasons and should have.

The Stalwart

Every team has one a player who has featured in the team for years with little or no reward. Alan McGeough has soldiered for Kilkerely for over a decade.

The Family

McElroys are not only on the jersey but they are stitched into the fibre of Kilkeley
Kilkerley actually has quite a few strong families within the club between Quigleys, Bellews and Lennons

The Manager

Kilkereley decided to keep it in house at the start of the year selecting clubman Dessie Lennon to take over so far so good!

The Talisman

When you think of Kilkerley, you automatically think of Shane Lennon.


onceaclan tomorrow

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emmets man September 23, 2015 at 10:24 pm

You forgot the , andy mc guil

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