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by louthandproud on August 20, 2014

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Today is the last day folks….

Andytime (1)

to nominate a possible manager to the county board.

I’ll set the criteria for what we are looking for

This is a tricky one….because in the modern game you could be a manger for the past 15 years at club level and still be inexperienced at inter-county level. The way the game has developed in recent season our next manager must have a good mix of both. We could get by with a player fresh out of the game but with little managerial but ideally you’d like both to be satisfactory. Managerial experience and experience in the workings of a Modern day inter-county scene.  We could get around this with a joint managerial set up. A young whippersnapper with bright idea’s accompanied by a wise old head.

Local Knowledge
In my opinion a massive downfall in AOR’s reign was his lack of genuine knowledge around the county. He was relying too much on his team around him for talent identification and the actual ability of the players he had at his disposal. He played players in alien positions when there was lads around the county who play there week in week out and could have done the job alot better.
The new man must know everything about the club scene, from players form to track record to give him the best chance of getting the best out of players around the county and equipping himself with the best panel also.

If we are going to invest in a new manager we need to know he’s a winner…what has he won?
If a manager has a track record of winning he is doing something right. simple as that.

Player power all the more increasing we need a man that will demand respect by the whole dressing room.
Sure, an ex player will gain respect but if you are not up to the task, you will soon be caught out as players are no fools. A new man must demand respect from his panel after the initial enthusiasm dies down.
Think Kieran McGeeney when he walked into the Armagh dressing room last season, instant respect plus he’s able to back it up.

Multiple factors :
Tactican, Attention to detail, 
Modern day coaching means you have to be in the loop and tactically astute hence the three headings in one.
On the field, off the field be it scouting the opposition, selecting match ups, video analysis and so much more. It’s constant improvement of players and their skills making them think and teaching them how to do things better…even inter county players need coaching not just a bunch of cones and balls.
Having all this in their armory plus you have to be able to communicate your point across to be effective.

Backroom team’s have become highly important in the inter county scene nowadays. So much so Manager’s roles is that of an actual delegator alloting time to specialist coaches and trainers.  Although it’s unconfirmed, I don’t think Mike McGurn is going to be there next season or the goalkeeping coach (whoever he was) and physiotheraphist also. So the next manager will not only have to be a good delegator but first, possess the right contacts to bring in the best personnel around him.

Last but not least Philosophy, a footballing philosophy. does the new manager have one? I believe he has to…
The new man must have a belief or a style he wants to play this is highly important because if he believes in it then the players can latch on to it and the achieve with it.
Look at Donegal under Jimmy McGuinness the players bought into system under Jim’s philosophy with amazing results even when the whole nation was against it the players believed enough to achieve.
So for me if it’s a northern style or a Dublin copy is irrelevant the new manage just has to possess one.

Ask yourself this….Does

Colin Kelly
James McCartan
Paddy Clarke
Eugene Judge
Paul Grimley
Fergal Reel
Peter Fitzpatrick
Tony McEntee
Gareth O’Neill
Anthony Rainbow
Luke Dempsey
Thomas McNamee
Pat Gilroy
David Reilly
Eamonn McEneaney

fit the above criteria required to be our next manager?

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