Wexford Talking Points

by louthandproud on March 2, 2015

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Two from Two


Wexford game accounted for. Talking points right here.

The Bench ImpACT
I spoke about the importance of our bench before yesterday and questioned whether or not it would have the impact needed, especially in the second half.

The substitutes accounted for 1-2 of our total might was effectively the difference between the two sides.

The goal was a great move and 4 of the subs were involved in the build up. Shane O’Hanlon to James Stewart to Ruairi Moore for Tommy D to finish.


so eh yes, the bench did provide the impact needed!!

In fact, it now looks like we are building quite a nice squad not counting a few Under21s that could and should be brought on board too!

Middle of the Field
Bevan Duffy went off early in the first half and it meant Decky went into the middle of the field by default. It is probly his best position and one where he feels most comfortable.
There could be a case in starting him there from the start and maybe giving Bevan or the more attack minded Eoin O’Connor the roaming role from the wing.
However, it means we have choices and we can match up well with whatever pairing we face.
Tommy Durnin came on in the middle of the field yesterday too, Robbie Brodigan is there too.
However, Brian Donnelly has decided to opt himself off the panel.

Relegation Fears
Firstly, I am not even going into promotion talk.
We are now four points ahead of Wexford and next weekend’s opponents Sligo.
Another win might keep us and then I might be swayed into promotion talk.

Ruggers Bugger
I was shocked at the lack of supporters at the game yesterday.
The timing of the rugby on TV and the clash with the Louth game certainly was a factor.
England lost the big match but the GAA were the biggest losers yesterday.

Home Form
Two wins from two at home and importantly in the Gaelic Grounds in Drogheda is great going forward.
We have two more (winnable) home league games and remember, we have high flying Division 2 team Westmeath at home in the Championship too.
The more games,experience and wins in Drogheda the better…it gives us a great edge over opposing sides.

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