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by louthandproud on August 4, 2015

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A big week for a lot of teams

here’s all the maths so you don’t have to…

Senior Championship

Only a handful of teams are secure in the knockout stages of the senior Championship and those teams are the Gaels,  Marys, O’Connells and O’Raghallaighs are only top seeded team for certain.
So with 4 games left, 4 places in the quarter finals are up for grabs.

SFC Group 1

The Dreadnots draw or win, they top the group.
Whatever happens, Ardee are safe.
Calculator bit.
Jocks need to win by 6 to go through and knock Clogher out. Both would be -2 but jocks have the head to head.
Ardee will top the group if the Jocks win unless the Jocks win by 13, then they would top the group!

SFC Group 2

SOM and Cooley play each other
Cooley win or draw the top the group. O’Connell’s go through second.
Calculator bit.
SOM win by 7 and they top the group with O’Connells secons If the SOM win by 5 and they go through second place behind the O’Connells.

SFC Group 3

Gers to top the group need to win or draw with the Blues. Gaels are safe but will go top if the Blues get through.
Calculator bit.
Blues need to win by 6 to go through at the expense of the Gers who would be also -3 the same score difference but the Blues would beaten them head to head.
For the Blues to top the table they need to win by 16 points.

SFC Group 4

O’Raghs are through.
Pats Draw or win they go through. Mattock win, they go through with in second place behind the Raghs.
Calculator bit.
Pats win by 6 or above they will go top on score difference and Raths Second. If they win by 5 both them and the Raths will be +5 and on 3points. So whoever has highest scores for goes through.

Intermediate Championship

Hunterstown Rovers, Kilkerley and Na Piarsaigh are through as table toppers with the Plunketts also safe.

IFC Group 1

Kilkerley are through.
Glyde win they go through with them.
Calculator bit.
Clans Draw or win they go through.
Clans win by 7 they will go top of the group. If they win by 6  both them and the Kilkerely will be +6 and on 3points.  So whoever has highest scores for goes through

IFC Group 2

Htown on top
Calculator bit.
No need for calculator here straight knockout between Mals and Joes to reach quarter finals in 2nd place.

IFC Group 3

The Plunketts with their strong score difference are safe. DYI just need a draw or win to go top and lose by 4 or less.
Calculator bit.
Brides win by 5 they go through. They will top the table if they win by 16 points.

IFC Group 4

Naps are on top and will stay there
Calculator bit.
No need for calculator here straight knockout between Mochs and Fechins to reach quarter finals in second place.



John Mitchells, St Finbarrs are safely at the top.
Glen Emmets will also top the table as they have the Tones next.

Seans and Roche Group1 knockout for runner up behind Finbarrs
Nicks and Cuchulainn Gaels fight it out for second in Group 2 behind Mitchells
Group 3 Westerns will top the table if they beat Dowdallshill. If Dowdallshills beat the Westerns by 9 all three teams will be on 2 points and an even score difference!!!
Group 4 Lannleire and Stabannon face off for second place behind Tullyallen.

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