The League Round 3 Fixtures

by louthandproud on April 16, 2015

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Third game of the campaign can your team reign!?


3pm Sunday
I’ll have update as they come in….Ladies please send them in too
Thanks! Facebook or @louthproud on twitter

Division 1
Blues Vs O’Raths
kilkerley Vs Dreadnots
Pats Vs Fechins
SOM Vs Jocks
Mattock Vs O’Connells

Division 2
Plunketts Vs Mochtas Friday night
Brides Vs Gers Saturday night
Finbarrs Vs Naps
Cooley VS Htown
Roche Vs DYI
Clans Vs Joes

Division 3
Mals Vs Dowdallshill Saturday night
Westerns Vs Kevins
Wolfe Tones Vs Stabannon
Nicks Vs Seans
Glen Emmets Vs Glyde


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