St Mary’s Ardee Feile winners Report

by louthandproud on July 2, 2014

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St. Mary’s Juveniles U14 All Ireland Champions 2014


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St. Mary’s U14 Boys travelled to St. James GAA in Galway on Friday 27th June.  St. James was the host club for St. Mary’s for the Feile weekend a huge thank you to them for the welcome and hospitality shown to our players, families and supporters throughout this weekend they were with us every step of the way.

We began the tournament with 2 games on Friday in St. James GAA the first was against North London.  North London started the game very strongly and scored to quick early goals. St. Mary’s had to work hard to get back into this game and went in at half time ahead by a point. Half time score was 1-4 v 2-0.  St. Mary’s came out in second half and putting across some fine scores and finished the stronger team.  The final score was 3-9 v 3-1.  Scores coming from Ciaran Keenan 1-3, Shane Matthews 0-2, Liam Jackson 0-2, Tristan Knowles 1-1, Tom Jackson 1-0, Joe Mulholland 0-1.

Our second game was against Oranmore from Galway.  St. Mary’s began this game very strongly with a half time of 5-3 v 1-1.  In the second half St. Mary’s continued the way they finished the first half and the scores just kept coming and proved too strong for Oranmore.  The final score was 7-12 v 1-3.  Scores coming from Tristan Knowles 1-0, Ciaran Keenan 3-1, Shane Matthews 1-1, Jordan Smith Brady 0-2, Evan Malone 0-2, Aaron Keenan 0-1, Tom Jackson 2-1, Andrew Bingham 0-1, James McDonald 0-1, Gavin Kirk 0-1, Evan McKenna 0-1.

On Saturday morning we played our final game of the group stages against our host team St. James GAA.  St. Mary’s dominated the first half with a half time score of 4-4 v 0-1. St. James got the first score of the second half but St. Mary’s just proved to be too strong and St. James just could not get through to get any more scores.  St. Mary’s continued putting up the scores on the board. The final score was 5-7 v 0-2.  Scores coming from Tom Jackson 2-1, Ciaran Keenan 1-3, Tristan Knowles 2-0, Donal McKenny 0-2, Shane Matthews 0-1.

Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals were held in the Connacht GAA Centre in Ballyhaunis on Saturday afternoon where here we met Ballinascarthy from Cork.  In this game St. Mary’s outshone the opposition and did not allow Ballinascarthy to score.  The final score was 2-18 v 0-0.  Scores came from Ciaran Keenan 0-6, Shane Matthews 0-3, Andrew Bingham 0-2, Joe Mulholland 0-1, Liam Jackson 0-3, James McDonald 1-1, Aaron Keenan 1-0, Tom Jackson 0-1, Tristan Knowles 0-1.

The Semi Final

This seen St. Mary’s into the Semi Final’s.  All semi-finals and finals were played on Sunday 29th in the Connacht GAA Centre.  Our semi-final was against Parke from Mayo.  St. Mary’s opened the score line and continued to triumph throughout the game proving to be far too strong for Parke with a half time score of 3-6 v 0-1. St. Mary’s built on this going from strength to strength. The final score was 5-12 v 0-2.  Scores came from Shane Matthews 2-1, James McDonald 1-1, Tom Jackson 1-1, Tristan Knowles 1-2, Ciaran Keenan 0-3, Liam Jackson 0-1, Joe Mulholland 0-1, Aaron Keenan 0-1, Jordan Smith Brady 0-1.

The Final

St. Mary’s reached the Final and met the team they played in the first game of the group stages North London.  St. Mary’s panel of players brought all their skills and what they have worked hard at training to this match and from the start where determined to continue the excellent display of football and team work rate shown over the whole weekend.  St. Mary’s opened the score line and never let up on getting the ball over the bar with a score of 0-11 v 0-1 at half time.  In the second half St. Mary’s continued where they finished off the first half and went on to win the final with an impressive score of 1-19 v 0-2.  Scores came from Shane Matthews 1-6, Tristan Knowles 0-3, Tom Jackson 0-3, Evan Malone 0-2, Donal McKenny 0-1, Liam Jackson 0-1, James McDonald 0-1, Andrew Bingham 0-1, Ciaran Keenan 0-1.

St. Mary’s U14 All Ireland winning panel was;

James McGillick, James Darcy, Cian Smyth, Daniel O’Connor, Andrew Bingham, Donal McKenny, Evan McKenna, Joe Mulholland, Liam Jackson, Jonathan Commins, Ciaran Keenan, Evan Malone, Gavin Kirk, James McDonald, Shane Matthews, Aaron Keenan, Tom Jackson, Darragh McCoy, Tristan Knowles, Nathan Buckley, Luke Dunne, Jordan Smith Brady, Jay Crawley

On arrival back home on Sunday evening the team where met by what can only be described as a wonderful reception from the people of Ardee where they were brought up through the town to the home grounds where they were applauded home by past and present players and committee members.

Ken Rooney has all the pictures here

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