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by louthandproud on July 26, 2014

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2 venues 6 teams

Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (13)
2 do or die knock out games. My previews here

First up the Gaels and Raths,
Both teams were beaten well by the Blues, the Raths fared better only losing by 8 while the Gaels were thumped by 13 points. That means nothing once they come head to head however.

The Raths beat the Gaels in the league and  have had the time to regroup, the Gaels haven’t, but I still think the Dundalk men will have too much power and talent for their season to end this soon.

Then the Gers and Kilkerley….


A tasty league match where the Emmets won is where the Grudge began.

Read below

Because of that, I can’t  call a victor a draw sees Kilkerley goes through.

Is the Championship going to be where the Grudge ends?

Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (15)The Kevins should beat the peninsula men to go through in second place.

In this rare instance in Championship the success is all about the taking part for them. They will build and grow from this years experience, wouldn’t it be amazing if they pulled off an upset and went into the Quarters!!


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