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Your Louth intermediate Finalists 2015

clanskilkerley ClanNaGael
Clan Na Gael

The Sons

Sons of former players are common-fold but the Clans has a number of them, Peter Fitzpatrick Son, Stephen; Gerry Curran’s son, Robbie and Gerry McKeever’s son Conall.
Can they follow their fathers footsteps and win championships?

The Rock

Paul Gore has been on the Clans team sheet for years, he is one hardest footballers in Louth.


Conall McKeever is their main man and on form he is a hard man to handle. Just to let you know he is currently on form!

The Flying Machine

At full flight, there is no catching JJ Quigley.

The Coach

It is well know Ciaran McKeever has been working with the clans this past few weeks and you can really see his impact on the Dundalk side.


Players Preview Tomorrow!

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