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by louthandproud on February 5, 2015

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So here it is….


The louth team to face Clare

I’ll try to decipher Colin Kelly’s selection.


Dropped 2
Brian Donnelly loses out to the inclusion of Dessie Finnegan.
Up front Derek Maguire makes way for  Conor Grimes.

Switches 5
Adrian Reid pushes up on to the wing as Dessie comes into the defence.
Darren O’Hanlon comes out to left half
While Pop goes back into a more familiar corner back position
Colm Judge is starting in the inside forward line.
Danny O’Connor comes out on the forty.

My Reaction
We’re getting more orthodox as the weeks go on as our players are migrating to their more natural positions.
Rath in corner back,Reido in the forwards and Judgie inside.

This might not be a bad thing as we looked disjointed and confused at times last week.
Management have gone back to basics and after the Fermanagh performance that is possibly the best decision.
Players will know their job and are used to required role as a result.

So the Management team are in the process of learning from the Fermanagh game and setting up accordingly.

Dessie at 6 gives us some strength and extra protection to the strong running Clare midfield, down the middle Fermanagh really hurt us.
Another Pats man Darren O’Hanlon comes out to the half backline and he’s more defensive minded than Reido so we’ll be give up positivity going forward for a tighter defence.
Pop is still our best man marker…Kelly must have his sights on Pop picking up David Tubridy the top scorer in Division 3 at the moment. good move.

We had little or no threat up front last week…this had to be rectified.
Grimes now gives us a platform to work off.
Burnsy gets the ball in better positions as a result.
While Colm Judge inside will always be a threat and be much fitter after.
Decie and Reido on the wings will funnel back and still look to get scores.
And finally Danny O’Connor will be more comfortable on the forty having well there in the O’Byrne cup he’ll also take confidence from Kelly’s trust in picking him there too.
Overall the team is better balanced in defence and attack…
while in the middle, Bevan Duffy will look to cover and let Eoin O’Connor attack.

Kelly has decided not to complicate things and go with a more organised approach.
I’ll go through the Clare team tomorrow and he might be right to do so.

Also nice to see Kelly has kept faith with Gally in the sticks, it will be a big boost to the Cooley mans confidence, expect a big performance from Gally Sunday now.

roll on Sunday!


Clare Scouting Report tomorrow and Match Preview Saturday!

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