NFL Build UP:Fermanagh Match Preview

by louthandproud on January 31, 2015

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The great step into the unknown is tonight in Brewster Park


Our first league game under CK here’s my preview.

Firstly I am going to Enniskillen and I will have updates on here at 6.30pm
The reason I say this and start with this is: I don’t think a lot of Louth fans are actually going!

This sums up the general psyche of the Louth supporters at the moment, un-enthused and pessimistic about the season ahead.
but, the beauty of the league means we all start the same points and a win here or there builds confidence around the county….a good start for us is vital.

Early points on the board builds confidence, and allows us to play and express ourselves.

Not only do our young players and supporters need it, our management does also!

Away days Game

So will Saturday night see us get the ball rolling?

It’s hard to know….

Fermanagh are no world beaters, but they do pose a real threat, they are on a good run of form and possess the comfort of home advantage.

While we on the other hand, we had a miserable O’Byrne cup (to say the least) and step into the unknown on and off the pitch.

However, we welcome back real experience in Adrian Reid, Colm Judge and Brian Donnelly.
Also the talent of Eoin O’Connor and Paddy Reilly who should be motivated to now get their chance to shine.

That’s five quality players injected into the O’Byrne cup team and that makes me more confident.

We can get the win we have the players but I’m worrying about how we are going to set up and play.

If we can show some green shoots in a positive performance then I’ll be happy enough.

If our new midfield partnership forms any way well it could be there for the next decade…
Paddy Reilly could be the answer at full back…Ryan Burns plays his first league game, Hopefully Danny O’Connor can bring his Pats game into a red jersey and we have debutant at cornerback too.

So all will not be lost in this possibly long road. Bear this in mind come half 8 tomorrow evening.


Interesting Fact:
Our first league game of the year without either PK and Shane Lennon on the team-sheet since 11th of March 2012
(how did we fare? we were beaten by Monaghan that day by eh 12 points)


Things to expect:
-CK instead of PK
-Falling Snow, not from the sky but Fermanaghs Keeper letting in a few goals.
-A host of Black cards.
-Decie Special to replace the White Special for 2015.
-Red faced Shane Lennon begrudgers (you know who you are)
-Ulster football at it’s finest.


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