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by louthandproud on June 24, 2014

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Time for Change

The time is now, It’s Andy time.

3 things to take from the Kildare have been taken into consideration in selecting my team
Pace,Pace and Pace.

Around the middle 8 we need it badly…I’ve done a lot of construction/deconstruction work in this area.

Halfback line

This is our engine room, this is our platform, against Kildare it wasn’t firing on all cylinders. It chugged and spluttered really and gave us no chance of performing nevermind even winning!

Half Back lines these days needs bags of energy combined with composure on the ball to Drive forward and give us the best possibility to score.

So I’ve picked our 3 best players to do this.
High energy, Strong solo runners.

Reido resumes at left half back as per normal. links up very well with PK when he does drive forward.

now for the changes, brace yourselves
Rookie James Stewart starts at right half with a licence to drive forward at every opportunity. he has the legs to do and also the fearlessness most enthusiastic newbies possess.

Andy mcDonnell on my team would line out at centre back and this switch could be a revelation.
Andy likes coming back into the half backline anyway from wingforward but most of his energy is exhausted in the wrong area’s of the field.
The thought of Andy facing the ball driving forward at will has me excited, he’s a superb athlete as we all know, he’s a super solo runner and he can score and create in attack also, he has a better chance of doing this at centre back than on the wing.

It makes sense.Hopefully wee see it Saturday.It could be a game changer.

Half forward line

We need dogs in the half forward line, lads with supreme discipline that will track the runners from deep. They basically sacrifice their game for the 70plus minutes for the sake of the team.
We didn’t have enough of them against Kildare and it showed.

Declan Byrne and Brian White didn’t work hard enough the last day so out they go However, they are still nice options to bring into the game. They’d have  something to prove and when the game opens up a little they can express themselves and shoot at will.

So in comes Derek Crilly and Patrick Reilly who have both played at Centre back this season are shipped out to the wings and they’ll be given the task of working their asses off pressuring their runners up the field.
You can actually trust them to carry out this task. Crilly can link up with his clubmate Stewart on the flank also.

Derek Maguire needs to be more Central and involved so just like Westmeath stick him on their most influential defender and let him piggy back of him and get into the game that way. Also Derek has the pace to cause Mattie Donnelly defensive problems also.

Inside and Middle

Shane Lennon needs to stay close to goals….he’s been playing catch up all year with his fitness s let him loiter around the square acting like a focus point for our attacks. Hopefully he’ll cause Tyrone’s weakest lines difficulties.

Burnsey to start for me, so him and Conor Grimes will play a little deeper they’ll be doing most of the running pulling their markers allover Omagh.

PK in the middle with Brian Donnelly they are our most familiar midfield partnership and Tyrone in the air is something Donnelly could expose himself.




Hopefully that’s raised the optimism index around the county.

What do you think of my team??

News has now broke that Brian Donnelly has departed for the US his place on MY team will now go to Mick Fanning. he did and excellent job there against Westmeath he brings honesty and hard work around the middle and that’s what we badly need

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louthandproud June 25, 2014 at 10:47 am

I think those two lads are too conservative for centre back we need a radical more attacking launch pad and I think who better to do it than Andy.
Maybe then we could throw caution to the wind a little!
Tyrone have Donnelly and Harte bombing, Dublin have McCarthy and mcCaffrey Donegal have mcGlynn and Thompson Reido and Andy could do the job easily

Thinking back to 2006 and one memory that really sticks out is corner back Jamie Carr attacking from deep and scoring a point more of that on Saturday please

James Mc Hugh June 25, 2014 at 8:40 am

I’d leave Crilly centre back for a start or maybe try Rath out there as I’ve seen him play there for clogherhead , he is too loose corner back ..
Andy mc donnell I’d play on the forty and let him play his natural game , going forward with pace , we all know that won’t happen with this constipated football AOR has in mind.
Anybody who has the 2006 meeting should watch it to see the nice brand of football we played, caution to the wind free flowing stuff that i haven’t seem from louth in 4 years..
If you are going down at least try and win the game

louthandproud June 25, 2014 at 12:41 am

What would you do then James a solution would be nice for once….

louthman June 24, 2014 at 11:37 am

It’s not really a big loss. Fair play to Brian for putting the effort as I know training has been intense under AOR but he wasn’t playing well and has looked out of his dept most of the year

James Mc Hugh June 24, 2014 at 8:46 am

Andy mc donnell centre half ? Don’t give up the day job lad..
Also Rath and Dessie were cleaned and Patrick Reilly anonymous against Kildare..
It shows how poor our squad is that there’s little or no choice there. I watched the DVD of 2006 in navan for some optimism the other day , we had SO much better a team , colin goss was a good full back better than I remembered , fierce competitive and dogged everything we lack at the back now .

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