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by louthandproud on April 4, 2015

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We all knew that it was going to be Easter Sunday against Limerick, didnt we?

back of all our minds it was going to come down to this game.
That’s what worries me.

Not gonna lie,Very nervous about this game.
Well, more the outcome than the process really.

This game is going to have a playoff, Final feel about it so how the players settle the nerves early on will be key. We’ve home advantage so the sooner we settle, the more confidence we will have to do the right thing with possession.

Unluckily for us Limerick are coming into form and have key players returning from injury Pa Ranahan who has tortured us in the past and Ian Ryan in particular.
We need to come out on top of these key battles to secure Division 3 status.

We need to go to the Pop Rath well for one time in this league campaign and this time it’s to shut down key attacking ace Ian Ryan.


The midfield battle is always going to be key, but look out for Gearoid Hegarty, he’s the man destined to replace John Galvin and he has all the quality too.


Our Midfield will look to prove a point after the flak they took from supporters after the Armagh game. If we even break even here and stay on the pitch for the duration it is going to be a great plus.

I don’t like saying this and putting added pressure on a youngster but Burnsey is going to be relied on again tomorrow afternoon. He’ll face Rob Browne, a player who is also making a name for himself this year and whose Brother Padraig is centre back. So to take the pressure off Burnsey slightly if he does nothing but nail all his free’s then he should do enough to secure promotion.

I actually think this is going to be the outcome of this game. Limerick will take no prisoners, they’ve an honesty about them and do we have the execution required to carry out the kill?
NO matter how hard I try to bury it and the players will try to forget about it too I think level scores is going to be inevitable. Just like we all knew it was going come down to this macth but then again my major worry is the security blanket mind-set, it is such a risky one going into one of the biggest games of these lads career.
Sure, some of them might have played in a Leinster Final but this effectively saves the future of Louth Football. Go down and we might never get back up.

We’re not gonna go down.

Things to expect: The biggest home crowd in Drogheda this year roaring our lads to victory!

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