Louth Leitrim MAtch Preview

by louthandproud on June 27, 2015

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This evening, 7pm


Who wants to win the game most?
Who needs to win the game the most?
Louth, Leitrim, Louth County Board, both sets of players, Shane Ward, Colin Kelly or the future of Louth GAA?

Leitrim have such a poor record in the qualifiers they might want to win it the most but it’s us that need to win this game the most.

As bad as 2015 has been, winless O’Byrne Cup, dismal League campaign and a Brutal home loss in the Championship this would be the lowest of the low?


We’ve heard about the future,
we’ve been told we’re building,
we’ve heard and we know we have a young side but today against Leitrim needs to be the day the process really and truly begins.
How do we do this?
By winning, purely and utterly simple as that.

We need to scrape with our already raw finger nails for victory.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be pretty; we don’t have to turn on the style, we just need a break and a starting point.

My major worry is that CK does not think like this.
actually, I know he doesn’t because he said this after the Westmeath game.

“For me, it’s not about parking 13 guys behind the ball, it’s about winning and you have to progress players. It’s not about sitting 13 fellas behind the ball. We had to chase the game, we could have dropped everyone behind the ball and been beaten 12-13 in a war of attrition.”
Or,we could have won 13-12!!!!
Imagine a manager from Ulster saying this!??? he’d quite possibly be shot!

Developing footballers is not about playing nice football its not even about playing bad football (if there is such a thing!?)

It is about winning, gaining confidence and using that momentum to develop.

I concur the county board haven’t helped his cause but, if CK can’t get us a win against Leitrim is he the right man to develop these so called youngsters in the first place!?

Lets get the bandwagon rolling, get the kids excited, make them want to play for Louth.
no disrespect to Leitrim but this is about us.
The Bandwagon either takes off or stalls this evening.
hopefully it takes off, by the skin of our finger nails.  


There will be a Live Match Feed on  here later at 6.20pm
if you can’t make it.

Here’s the weeks reading here:





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John June 27, 2015 at 5:15 pm

Good report , well done.

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