Leitrim Build Up:The Opposition

by louthandproud on March 1, 2016

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The level of opposition goes up again this weekend for Louth.

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Leitrim in Leitrim.

Leitrim build up begins..

Difficult? how!?!

You might be thinking, hang on a minute!

Leitrim are pointless and second bottom with only London below them.


Leitrim we’re desperately lucky to get beaten by promotion pushers Wexford on the opening day and then Wicklow beat them at home.
We know for a fact, they’ll be better than that Wicklow team we faced last weekend.

Sometimes league tables lie.

scoring rate

We scored 15 points on Sunday last.

Leitrim have conceded on average ,13 scores a game but only conceded goals the last day against Antrim, our promotion rivals.

This Sunday we’ll have to hit that target again.
This time on a new pitch away from home.

Also, we will have to take our goal chances if they arise again, we won’t be afforded the luxury of not taking them in Carrick-on-Shannon if we are to get the win.


Donal Wyrnn and Kevin Conlan are ones to watch.
Wyrnn is a massive man and caused us problems last year moving from full forward to the middle of the field. He’ll start in the middle on Sunday.
Kevin Conlan was top scorer in that game too is a nice scoring wing forward a real rarity in modern times, He’s also a nice sidekick to their main man.

The main man is the one and only Emlyn Mulligan.
He is a bona-fide super star and would get on most teams in Ireland.

First real test for Darren McMahon this season too, interesting to see how he measures up to the slick booted Garda.

If he limits Mulligan’s influence on the game to just free’s we’ll be halfways there in collecting another 2 points.

Away Pride

We won by 10 points the weekend while they were beaten by 10.

The mood in both camps couldn’t be more different, they’ll be dying to get out on the field again in their home town and show what they are made of we’ll have to be prepared for this.

They’ll still be smarting from our victory against them in the qualifiers last summer too.
We’ll have to prepare for that aswell.

If we 100% prepare, we’ll be 100% and come home with our 100% record.

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