Juniors Win

by louthandproud on May 21, 2015

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I’ll have my Daming Verdict of last Sunday this Sunday morning. so stay tuned for that.


The Juniors won 1-19 to 1-18
Here’s last night team and scorers

1. C Lynch (Jocks)
2. C Lenehan (Finbarrs)
3. B Mulligan (Joes),
4. K Toner (Pats);
5. P McGrath (Cooley),
6. P Berrill(Jocks),
7. D McComish (Gaels); (0-1)
8. J McEneaney (Gers),(0-1)
9. M Rogers (Gers);
10. C McKeever (Clans) (0-2),
11. P Kirwan (Dreadnots) (0-2),
12. J Agnew (O’Connells);
13. R Holcroft (1-7 1-0pen, 0-5fs),
14. D O’Connor (Pats),(0-1)
15. G McSorley (Gaels) (0-2).

C Smith (O’Raths)for Berrill,
A Brodigan (Plunketts)for Rogers,
D Maguire (DYI)(0-2) for McSorley,
W Woods (Finbarrs)(0-1) for O’Connor (f-t),
M Rogers for Brodigan (f-t).

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