IFC Final Replay Preview

by louthandproud on October 3, 2015

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The Replay Preview


6pm Haggardstown

Lets reflect on the last day first.

The Clans settled much better into the game as their previous final experience stood to them. They really should have pushed the matter and game in their favor but like other years and the last two final defeats they just lacked that little something.
On other hand, Kilkerely really let the day effect their side and start to the game. They visibly looked shaky and nervous on the field and in general play they made simple and basic errors.

The Clans have won 2 replays this year en route to the final. So they have a history of adapting and learning what to do to get the win the second day. No JJ will be a significant loss but Conall McKeever will look to be more impactful tonight too.

However, Kilkerley will be much more focused on the field this time and that is a major worry for the Clans. If they have half the number of mistakes then they will be a much more formidable outfit. They’ll look to their trio up front again and I know Daniel McKeown might be is out, but they have a solid squad to cope moreso than the Clans.

Who will win?
The underdog who doesn’t take their chance the first day usually misses out.

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