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by louthandproud on February 2, 2015

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after such a depressing night in Enniskillen

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It’s good to talk…

I’ll be updating the LIVE BLOG all day so stay tuned.

Bridging the MASSIVE Gap
In our first real test without PK and Lenno we failed miserably in both departments.
Our whole midfield was replaced. While upfront we lacked the focal point Lenno gave us, not to mention our overall scoring power.
Right we all knew it was going to be an uphill task, to bridge the gap they leave behind but this big? I’m not so sure.
The single most difficult factor to replace is their presence we have a loss of belief before the ball is even thrown in!

Black card, numerous silly yellows aside.
A free count of 13 – 6 at halftime (I lost count after that)…… this would be okay if they were systematic fouls but they weren’t.
We were sloppy and lazy in the tackle and we were well and truly punished for it.
We couldn’t handle the constant pressure Fermanagh brought to us our only option was to foul.

System Failure
Kelly was tipped as an attacking manager but we looked very ordinary and wasteful going forward to be honest.
It wasn’t a positional thing as Colm Judge in his first start wasn’t out of place on the forty and Ryan Burns looked very sharp until he tired in the 2nd half…it was elsewhere we lacked general cohesion.
Our attacks were especially lacklustre and one dimensional when coming out of defence.
Conor Grimes needs to start the next day and the ball needs to moved quicker in the middle third from the half backline.

Our Kickouts were atrocious on Saturday night.
Slow, not on the money and not contested well enough.
To give Kelly credit he didn’t mess about as Gally and Brian Donnelly paid the price at half time.
Their confidence will be at an all-time low after this…can I see them Starting now against Clare? no.
Could it be a sign of the times that we may be sacrificing an out and out goalie in favour of better kickouts?


A tweeter mentioned that we didn’t look fit enough on Saturday night. I don’t tend to read all that much into it but the reason behind their theory could be confidence.
When things are not going well, your legs tend to feel like lead.
The only was to get out of this slump is to work ultra hard the next day out.


The debutants
In this transitional phase we blooded 7 league debutants.
Ryan Burns, Ruairi Moore, Tommy Durnin, Peter Kirwan, Danny O’Connor, Kevin Toner and Craig Lynch(I think)
Everyone has to start somewhere in this case it might well be a 9 point drubbing in Enniskillen however, each of them did not look out of place and they’ll take major kudos from it.
A very proud day for each player.

In their defence
We picked up a Clean Sheet.
We coped with the Quigley threat really well.
Paddy Reilly at full back was a big plus.
Derek Crilly played the sweeping role perfectly.
The full backline as a whole will feel let down by the lack of intensity out the field. The supply was the problem.the source of that supply was around the middle of the field and our half forward line.

The Byrne ultimatum
Decky Byrne is finally bringing his Mochta’s level of performance to the inter-county scene. The extra responsibility is suiting him. Good. He should be commended for it.
Find his best position and get the best out of him and maybe build a team around him. End of.

bottom of the pile
We are not at the bottom of the table.
There is a team worse than us in Division 3.
That team is Wexford.

Bring on the table toppers Clare next sunday!

Thanks for tuning in I’ll have build up right here all day every day this week…so check it out.

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