Wexford Match Preview

by louthandproud on February 28, 2015

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Big game tomorrow at 2pm


here’s my Preview


Wexford, when you look at results have been a bit of a bogey side for us, we lost to them in the championship in 2013, 2007 and 2004.
In the league however it is wee bit different.
Sure, they beat us in 2013 but we beat them home and away in 2010 and 2011 in the league.

Basically we will respect them but we will not fear them.

Set up
Wexford will be missing their main scoring threat Ciaran Lyng to suspension this will mean their attacking threat is not a potent and around the middle even PK’s kryptonite Dathai Waters is not available.
While we on the otherhand are on the back of a win and at home again.

We learned an awful lot from the Fermanagh game and took it into the Clare game and it paid dividends.

What we learned most is, that this Division really is going to be game by game we can’t get too high and we can’t be all doom and gloom.

So playing to our strengths and our high work ethic needs to be baseline for a win.


We need to win this game…we really do.

Winning would mean we are 4 points ahead of Wexford and that is crucial for our survival in Division 3.
Otherwise, a Clare and Armagh win would be very welcome too.

Our team is set up in a way that we can win and Wexford are not as strong as years previous.

All things are pointing to Louth win tomorrow surely.

Interesting fact: Wexford manager is the Tipperary Minir winning manager David Power

Things to Expect:
-A Decky Sidewinder
-more people getting annoyed with #fortressDrogheda hopefully
-new faces in the Louth Squad
-Some LouthandProud.com Coffee Cups

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