The Senior Final:Players View

by louthandproud on October 2, 2015

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A quick fire Senior final Players view


What do they think?

Rob Carr, Newtown Blues

“Pats win, their experience will stand to them”

Stuart Reynolds, O’Connells

” think it be very close game but I fancy the pats by 3 or 4 points there experience of senior finals in the past few years will just see them across the line”

Antoin Watters, Cooley Kickhams

“Hard to look past the Pats who have been getting stronger as the year progressed. Although If the O’Mahony’s get a good start anything could happen. Verdict The Pats as the big name players will do the business for them.”

Carl Courtney, Naomh Mairtin

“St Pats experience to get them over the line against a very tough opponent in SOM’s. Pats to win but only just. 3 points I’d say.”

Craig McEnteggart, O’Raghallaighs

“O’Mahonys will put up a fight but Pats will outclass them when it matters”

Conall Hoey, Geraldines

“I must admit I haven’t seen the Pats this year but I have seen the o’Mahonys numerous times.

I really feel the O’Mahonys are going to cause a lot of problems for the Pats. Huge momentum from last year and belief that they can compete as league and championship performances have shown .They are dogged and have scorers too. If they can stop the two O’Connors in Pats forward line and get early scores too then, I imagine a cracking and very close game.
Who Wins:Sean O Mahoneys”

Robbie Leavy, Ardee St Marys

“Two of the toughest teams we came up against this year, it will be close but I think Pats experience of the big day will shade it for them.”

Sean McCann, Dundalk Gaels

“Will be close. O mahonys are flying. They have all the momentum behind them but might find it tough if pats big guns fire. O mahonys got ahead in semi courtesy of some dubious refereeing decisions so a lot will depend how much ref lets go as pats are very physical. Makes no sense taken both clubs to drogheda needless added expense for everyone involved. Should be in D’hill. People will say pats should win but I’ve a sneaky feeling the o mahonys will win.”

“If Keenan, Eoin, White, Ray and Danny are on form I think pats will have too much. Think dessie might have enough for Crawley in terms of knowing how to play him but just have a sneaky feeling. Even if o mahonys are 5/6 down they never give up never beaten”

Sean Gilsenan, Mattock Rangers

“The pats, I think they can make it intense enough to force mistakes from Sean O’Mahonys”



There you have it!
Pats selected by 6 players but SOM  got 2 votes and you have to feel they are in the back of all there minds!

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