Round 4-League Fixtures!

by louthandproud on April 24, 2015

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more games all over the county this Sunday again


Some interesting ties there…pace setters clashing, top V bottom and local derbies
I’ll have update as they come in….Ladies please send them in too
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Division 1
O’Raths Vs kilkerley
Dreadnots vs Gaels
Fechins Vs Blues
Pats Vs Jocks
Mattock Vs Mary’s
O’Connells Vs SOM

Division 2
Mochtas Vs Clans
Gers Vs Plunketts
Htown Vs Finbarrs
Naps Vs Brides
DYI VS Cooley
Joes Vs Roche

Division 3
John Mitchells Vs Cuch Gaels
Dowdallshill Vs Nicks
Lannleire Vs Westerns
Kevins Vs Wolfe Tones
Stabannon Vs Mals
Seans Vs Glen Emmets

Cooley Vs Brides 11am
Glyde Vs Clans 6pm

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