NFL BuildUP:MY Team and Official Team reaction

by louthandproud on March 6, 2015

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The team was named by Colin Kelly last night


So I’m rolling my team and my reaction to the official team together.

My Team


Which is the exact same team that Kelly has named.

Set up

The set up is similar to the past two wins over Wexford and Clare.
Decky drops in the middle. and we use the inside platform of Burnsey and Grimes.
Sligo might know how we set up at this stage however if our execution of the gameplan is good then it shouldn’t be a problem.
Our workrate this year also has to be highlighted Colm Judge on the forty put in a massive shift last weekend more of the same from him and our XV and we’ll be in the mix for victory.

Interestingto see how the team fairs away from Drogheda.
Luckily the personnel is the same.

The Fermanagh away game was terrible and above all else a learning curve.
The new pithch away from home will present a new challenge and will test our players.

We may not be familiar with the surroundings but having the same team gives us the best chance possible.

Thanks for reading.
Match Preview tomorrow!

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