Armagh: MAtch Preview

by louthandproud on March 28, 2015

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Really looking forward to this game.


Local Derby with some serious consequences for both sides. The perfect combination.

The pressure is firmly on Armagh to win this game.
Not only are they top of the table, injured players returned, unbeaten all year, at home, expectant favorites but the pressure comes from the fact that they need one more point to make sure they are promoted.
We, on the other-hand are now scrapping for survival. A point for us away from home would be a welcome one.

So both teams have strong cases for victory. both hungry motivations to both teams for very different reasons.

We have nothing to fear, we are not expected to get a result, we know the Athletic grounds and we are not one bit afraid of Armagh and all it’s McGeeney hyperbole.

Armagh are top of the table for a reason- they have some excellent forwards and McGeeney hyperbole aside, he always has his teams well set up and defensively strong, especially in the tackle.

Interesting to see how we line out….on paper we have good players and scorers.
but a couple of questions need to be answered.

Will Derek Crilly anyone even, drop?
Will we leave two up top, Burnsy and Grimes?
Are we  seriously playing 15 against 15?

What if

Last years game in Drogheda was a massive what if moment for Louth football, we were 8 points up in the second half and then we were happy to get the draw in the end.

AOR and Louth never recovered, AOR got his P45 and Louth were relegated. Win that game and AOR and others could still be around and we could be still in Division 2.

This game tonight could be our what if of this year.

Things to Expect
The Geezer side part
that is all

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