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by louthandproud on August 16, 2014

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JFC QuarterFinal Lineup (1)

Read my previews here…..updated

Casting a quick eye over all four games you could easily pick Finbarrs, Seans, Glen Emmetts and Plunketts for wins.

It is only when you look a little closer at the four games that picking a winner becomes a little more trickier?

For instance, the first game of the weekend see’s Togher play the Westerns….a team who have shown good league form and produced possibly the player of the junior championship in Tommy Durnin they could sneak a surprise win if Togher show any complacency.

Update: Togher men won 2-11 to 11!

The same goes for the Seans who found it tough going against the Dowdallers the last game in the group, have they gone backwards and have the Mitchells raised it this year?  Saturday night will tell alot. It certainly won’t be straightforward.

Update: It was Straightforward! Seans won 5-8 to 8

Dunleer on their day are more than capable but the Glen Emmetts to me are different force this year they seem focused and could be the second best team if not the best team in the JFC this year.

Finally the JFC preview ends with the Plunketts like it has done for the past few seasons. Colm Coyle has them well organised they’ve added youth in Conor Early and Adam Brodigan to the team and their two years experience at this level it should be enough to get over the Kevins without any complacency.

Best of luck to all teams!

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