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by louthandproud on July 25, 2014

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2 venues tonight, 4 teams

Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (14)

Here’s my previews

Unless there is case of food poisoning in both Dunleer and Glen Emmetts camps and even at that, I can’t see them being beaten by the two Drogheda teams.

If anything, this years Junior championship has highlighted the lack of support the Tones and Nicks have received by the county board in the past few seasons.

They’ve hung them out to dry they really have, hopefully the county board feels the guilt somewhat and it results in some badly needed funds and full time coaching officers because the talent is there they are simply just not being supported.

Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (12)
Both very interesting tie’s in Dowdallshill tonight.

The Clans and Brides go into the game with a win under their belt but they can afford to lose and still go through!
I think they will both win regardless but Okay here’s the maths anyway.

IFC Group 2
Standings: Clans are +5 and the DYI are -7 SOM +2

The DYI to go through have not only do they have to win and but they have to have their scoring boots on!

Clans win: they top group and SOM 2nd.
DYI win by 5: no good as Clans score diff will still be better.
DYI win by 6: they go through second and Clans go out.
DYI win by 9: they top the group SOM second.

IFC Group 4
Standings: Roche are -1 brides +7 Glyde -6

So it’s slighty different to Group 2 as Roche just need to win by the slimmest margin to go through as Glyde’s score difference is -6.

Brides win: they go top and Glyde go through 2nd place
Roche win by a point they go through 2nd place
Roche win by 9 they top the group and Brides take second place.
Roche win by 13 means Brides go through 2nd place as they have same score diff as Glyde  but they beat them.
Roche win by 14: Glyde go through as 2nd place  they will have a better than the Brides!
Draw: Brides top group and Glyde second. Roche out

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