Wicklow Build up: Louth Team Named

by louthandproud on February 26, 2016

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Louth team named last night


I’ve lined them out as I think they’ll play.

Change 1

Peach makes way from the middle of the field and John Bingham indirectly comes in for him. Decky starts in midfield.

Decky has been more or less playing that role from the number 10 position so it is no major shift in the way we play.

The Marys has been pushing for a place in the last few weeks will drop into the number 5 position allowing Maguire to continue his sweeping role.

Bingham has a serious pair of lungs so his fitness will suit that position of covering and dropping and hopefully getting up to help out our attacks aswell.

Change 2

Conor Grimes has his suspension upheld from the Waterford game. The sending off was a complete joke…the Waterford man dropped like a tons of bricks from a push in the chest!
It denies us the partnership of Burnsey and himself again.

Burnsey comes in and will play inside with either Jim McEneaney or Ronan Holdcroft. both players will be fluid on the day and switching when it suits.

Reido and Conall McKeever will play the graveyard shifts wing roles working up and down the flanks providing an outlet for our defence.

They way I think they’ll line out


Wicklow team analaysis when it named and Match Preview up tomorrow!

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Anonymous February 26, 2016 at 2:24 pm

As long as Jim Mc learns he’s not the only player on the field we have a great chance.. Too many times in the last games he took silly shots when he was better off laying off the ball as we had men in far better positions. An Lu Abú

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