What to expect on Sunday: The Mark ?

by louthandproud on January 4, 2017

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The new rule that’s what!


From the 1st of January ‘The Mark’ will be introduced.


Most people  simply didn’t know ‘the mark’ rule is even in and why would they? the GAA snuck the rule in at the tail end of last year.

Now players of all grades and supporters have to unsympathetically adapt  to it.

The rule just seems to be a negative reaction the GAA have against short kick-outs.
So, they’ve brought in this rule which will actually reward short accurate kick-outs even more!

Also, if you do make a clean catch and decide to take ‘the mark’
1. it slows the game down
2. it allows opposition players to filter back knowing exactly where the ball is coming from.

Official info

In a more in depth look at the rules here gaa.ie/the-mark-rule-explained/ it doesn’t say what happens if you catch the ball before the 45m line and land on the other side of it?

What to expect from us on Sunday

Our number 1 Craig Lynch has the kick-out accuracy to pick out runners right on the 45m line and beyond.

We have massive targets in Eoin O’Connor, Peach Califf and Tommy Durnin to secure ‘the Mark’ also.

Then in our half forward line Bevan Duffy, Jim McEneaney, Derek Crilly and Andy McDonnell can field and have experience in the middle.

We could even play those three lads from midfield on the wing and try to make ‘the Mark’ on an opposition kick-out as it could be a major advantage for us. Securing clean possession there in the oppositions half of the field.

 Final say…

Very hard to know how the rules will fare this weekend.

Will they have an severe impact on proceedings? I doubt it.

One thing I do know is, most of us, players included will struggle to even remember the mark at all!


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