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by louthandproud on March 22, 2016

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Here’s what to expect
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from our fellow Division 4 newbies

unfamiliar foe

We’ve all heard of Ciaran Lyng, PJ Banville and Ben Brosnan but it’s an unknown name of Donal Shanley that is shooting the lights out for the Yellow bellies in 2016!

That’s him and he’s scored 25 points in his last three games.

We actually have history with Shanley too…

He played on a Wexford minor team that defeated a talented Louth one…he was their man man that day too. http://louthandproud.blogspot.ie/2013/05/louth-minors-scouring-report-wexford.html

So we have been warned…

“he is no doubt benefiting from the unfamiliarity and opposition defence’s focus on the big three Wexford forwards that have that I mentioned in the first line”

However, he can play, he will punish us from free’s, he’s young but he’s a key member of their set up, has pedigree we’ve felt a couple of years ago at minor and a soccer background too expect him corner or full forward on Sunday.

Pop will more than likely pick him up for the afternoon.

in their defence…

Wexford are ahead of us on score difference by 4 points.
On the plus minus though, it tells a different tale.

They’ve out gunned us for sure by a whopping 1-16 but what I think will be key on Sunday is their defence.

They’ve conceded 6-49 where as we’ve been tighter by 3-43.
By conceding 3-3 less than them gives the best indication to how we can beat them. We can stiffle their open approach and taking advantage of their defence and possible lack of structure.

This is where our Croziers system comes into play. Having played five games now under it we will be more than ready to go to war with it!

We can really focus on shutting down Wexford and hit them on the counter and expose their creaky defence.

Antrim kept them to 7 points we keep them down to that we should find the scores the other end. After all, they did concede 3-14 against Wicklow.

This game is going to be tight, it’s more or less a promotion final the tighter the game the better a day for defence’s to come out on top will suit us, we’ve been working all league for this.

thanks for reading, If you know anything about Wexford be sure to post it below, not that CK reads this or anything!

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