Waterford Recap

by louthandproud on February 8, 2016

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Here’s how the game went.


A beautiful Waterford watercolour of a performance.

And in a way, instructions on how a team builds character.

1. Unconditional

Just off the motorway the WIT sports campus was a pretty impressive set up. Only thing was… it was missing a car park, so we got a little wet en route to the ground. Imagine the players.

As we sat in the tidy stand and questioned how much it would cost, the players were already drenched.

Basically, it rained non stop.

The ball was like a bar of soap in a bath of soap.

So on top of being wet and cold the players had to play in a place they’ve never been before, against a hurling county team you’re expected to beat and your concentration on the ball, handling had to be perfect.

Perfect, For building character that is…

Three players who deserve an early mention here Paddy Reilly, James Stewart and Darren McMahon. These youngsters revelled in these conditions.

2. Bright start

We started the game very brightly…we were decisive in our play and looked comfortable.

Derek Maguire’s goal summed our attitude up from the off…he made the decision to break forward, the Cross field ball unlike last week was direct and Conor Grimes took the sting out of the ball with a tap right into Derek’s path and bang!

No messing around.

The players wanted to get over the London game and Fast!

3. unfaMaguire roles

Maguire was excellent all game, he’ll be annoyed over the build up to their penalty but he covered a serious amount of ground and kicked a booming long range point in this early period too.

As a sweeper Maguire was tested in this role for the full 70 plus minutes and came through strong.
His attacking play was key to our win.

In an unfamiliar role He’s being asked to learn on the job and succeeding.

4. Injustice

So we’re 6 points up and comfortable.

However the stakes were raised in the second half. Waterford aided by a strong wind threw everything at us. They cut the deficit and then the real character builder an unjust refereeing decision.

Conor Grimes was sent off unfairly. He did react but didn’t strike. He pushed the Waterford man two handedly in the chest. Waterford man made a meal of it.

Down to fourteen men against the wind could we get over the injustice?

We had to adapt and adapt fast.

5. Bench Togetherness

We did and did so bravely but as the half went on, we understandably tired.

This led to Waterford winning a penalty and scoring it.

Point down the stakes raised again.

The bench accepted the challenge.

I’d have taken the draw.

A league debutant David Quigley, returnee’s Brian Donnelly and John Bingham, lively Ruairi Moore and Ryan Burns.

Burnsey’s first outing this year and it was worth waiting for.

He missed the first free from a long way out, but it worked out perfectly, as he used it to find his range.

The equalising free was into the wind and rain and the Déise’s momentum.

A real pressure kick and he skilfully got it.

After this, the winning free was a piece of cake.

6. Jubilant

So that’s how you build character.

Then the spin home was terrific and that was just me!

I can only imagine how the players bus felt.


All of the above and hopefully they also felt what I did, a turning point.

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louthandproud February 9, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Don’t get me wrong You’re right in what you are saying too, the feeling of Snatching the win at the death might mask the actual result on paper alright.

but we really were in hole with a few minutes to go and we did really well to get out of it regardless of opposition.

Our toughest tests will come then the positivity might be less!

Red/Black February 8, 2016 at 6:00 pm

Point taken but the conditions effects both teams!!!I think it cant be all positive,just think we are getting ahead of ourselves with a 1point victory over a Hurling county and yes I said earlier too a win is a win

louthandproud February 8, 2016 at 4:52 pm

Certainly not great to just beat Waterford but the manner of victory was…
horrendous conditions and wind made it even difficult to get the ball up the field!
we had 14 men for most of the second half and it was unjust at that.
Everyone thought we were gone after their goal this young side showed serious composure to work the ball up and win the free’s and the actually free’s were by no means easy.

The character shown was brilliant thats my point

Red/Black February 8, 2016 at 3:40 pm

So its great to scrap by against a team prob the 2nd worse in Ireland? is this the level we now are pleased to win at?How come nothing negative, so there is no faults from nearly losing a game to Waterford? I know a win is a win but to beat Waterford by a point cause we scrapped by with a couple of frees towards the end and everything is suddenly brilliant again?

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