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by louthandproud on June 8, 2014

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Yesterday was bitterly disappointing day to be a Louth fan…sadly I’ve loads to moan about.

We never posed any questions for Kildare all afternoon. We simply weren’t able for them. Right from the word go they had our number.

Why though?

For one, they have been playing at a much higher level than us regularly this past couple of seasons , their U21’s won Leinster last season ,their minors are there or there abouts in Leinster most seasons, what I’m getting at is, results like yesterday don’t come out of the blue.

That was the step up I was talking about yesterday.

However I really thought we could make the step up maybe I was just optimistically naive.

Croke Park Factor

And it is a factor, Playing in Croke park is a different ball game.
It’s like going to Augusta national having played well in a few rounds of golf in your local golf course and being expected to win the masters. not going to happen.

Of the 21 players we used yesterday 7 played for the first time there and 13 others haven’t played there in two years…to be successful there you need to be playing there regularly. Thats why Dublin hold such an advantage over so many others.

To play well in Croker you need to be at least familiar with your surroundings,  Kildare shot out of the blocks as we struggled badly I have no doubt the familiarity their players had certainly helped.

It had a knock on effect in everything we did wrong.

Our Defensive game

Our intensity wasn’t there yesterday we allowed too much space the pitch was too expansive for our defensive game. The trademark tackling and turnovers of AOR’s team was ineffective because of it.

Our defenders looked like they we were isolated inside when really it was just the oceans of space Croke park allowed. The tight pitch helped our full back line and defence in Mullingar our defenders were sitting ducks yesterday as Kildare could run at us from the kickouts and pick out the inside forwards at ease.
Bad combination. 15 points of a bad combination.

Kicking game

Gally’s kickouts bar one were on the money we had the possession just lacked the excecution.

The effects on the dimensions of Croke park aside but when we choose to use the foot or risk using the foot it was ultimately bad decision making
Credit to Kildare, they may have forced us into the either bad foot passing or bad shot selections but Time after time yesterday we kicked the ball away not even giving our own player the advantage. We got away with this against Westmeath there was no chance of it happening against Kildare.

When we went to hand it worked, but we never adapted and figured it out in game that was very disappointing especially early in the second half when we lumped the ball in on top of Lenno and Grimes. never giving them a chance.


Maybe the reason we didn’t go to hand was the basic fact we lacked pace around the middle?

Just look at Dublin’s template of pace with McCafferty,Devereux, MDMA and McCarthy  Bar Andy, PK and Reido we lack serious pace and in this day and age and in Croker to cause problems you need pace. As a result, we weren’t able to break tackles, create goal chances or  even overlap and ask serious questions of Kildare defence.

Derek Maguire is the paciest player we have, but he was out on the wing and forced to pick up Emmet Bolton as a result  we effectively took him out of the game, maybe he needs to be more central  like he was against Westmeath?

Final Word

We need to Stop moaning about AOR seriously. The Croke park challenge has been laid he’ll figure it out.

A good manager takes a team and improves it,he is a good manager.
We’re the fittest we’ve ever been. We’re beating the teams around us
It’s our fault there’s teams above us, not his.

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Ian Wright June 9, 2014 at 8:18 pm

I think Aidan o’ Rourke has to take 60% of the blame! No team cohesion or team spirit it was the worst performance I’ve ever seen from Louth! Why did so many good up and coming players leave the panel?eg. Liam Shevlin. Why did Darren Clarke our best forward leave the panel? Man management is a major issue with this team if you can’t motivate a squad of inter county players then there is something seriously wrong with (A) The manager and (B) His staff! Inter county players give up their livelihoods to put on a louth jersey with huge commitment involved so they should, at the very least, have the best manager available and coaching staff to go along with it!
Yous are on about underage here is where the other 40% of blame lies! Does any of these men go to watch minor or U21 games? Have we good coaches set up at development ages? Have we a good infrastructure set up for underage development? What style of football are we teaching U16, minors, and U21’s? Are we really drafting up the correct players to develop or as usual is politics still playing a big part?
Politics need to be ran out of this county and the so called “He’s a good buddy of mine ill put his son on the panel” or this “who you know” attitude which is rife in county louth! Until we sort out this complete shameful mess Louth football is only going one way and that’s Backward!
Get the right infrastructure in place at youth level with the correct coaches (being a former louth player isn’t just good enough anymore its good coaching were after) and develop Louth football from the core and we should reap rewards at underage and senior level in 5/6/7 years time, leave the stone age teachings and stone age hierarchy (county board included) in place and continue to suffer!

peter hughes June 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm

I think the result on sunday has been coming a long time, the westmeath win pappered over the cracks. I think the manager must take lots of blame, but I also think we are lacking in quality players. There is a lot fundementally wrong with football in louth for a long time. This wont be fixed over night. We havnt won a minor Lenister in God knows and the last under 21 we won was in the 70s.
We produce good players but I think the standard our youngsters are playing at is poor. The schools football is a bit of a mess, I think this is the area we need to focus on. This will take time we are miles behind cavan and teams like that, underage success is no guarentee but it is a good start. The county ground situation is also hindering us from progresion.

paudi June 9, 2014 at 9:51 am

Total agree AOR is still improving both louth players and as a team !!

Patsy June 9, 2014 at 7:51 am

No disrespect but a lot of that is nonsense . I don’t agree O Rourke is beyond reproach , that was the worst Louth performance ive seen in 30 years . He’s the manager and the team was clueless , if that’s the fittest louth team ever heaven help us. Lethargic leaden legged and static. One would have to wonder what training is been done ?
I dont buy this croke pk argument , it’s a bigger field but we had 13 men behind the ball at most stages yet Kildare ran at us like a knife through butter.we never put a challenge in of any description. That was nothing to do with pitch dimensions , work rate was non existent as pointed out on Sunday game last night.
I’d agree on the pace, I’d say we are one of the slowest intercounty sides in the country, and if Reid is one of our fastest heaven help as he was left for dead along the sideline in the first half on at least one occasion .
AOR isn’t the root of all problems in Louth gaa but he can’t be given a free pass on that shambles yesterday
Laois who we beat well last year , don’t have massive croker experience but still gave a far better account of themselves against the all Ireland champions

John June 9, 2014 at 12:25 am

Were the tactics not mad to go with a defensive game in Croke park.donegal couldn’t even do it with fifteen so louth not going be able to do it with 12. We have forwards good enough. Just not individual defenders good enough. Bar jobser and perhaps pops. Also Adrian Reid is a forward, a brilliant one at that.

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