Thursnight Champo Preview

by louthandproud on July 17, 2014

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Kicking off this weekend


Louth Football Championship’s RD2 2014 (8)
My Preview here

It is quite the game to start off the weekend as it has the potential to be a cracker.

The Westerns were feeling the pinch

and rightly so playing 5 days after their last outing is not good player welfare wise.

However the Reaghstown men have been nothing but impressive this season. unbeaten in the league….massive win last weekend against the Tones and Tommy Durnin their main man notched up 1-11!

but, have they been tested this season?

maybe  not,

but, We know for certain the Glen Emmetts will test them….
The Tullyallen men played in the intermediate championship last season and won the JFC in 2012 so they have the pedigree and an in-from Conor Grimes.

If the Westerns comes through this game as winners, they’ll have to be taken seriously as genuine JFC contenders.

but i think their run ends Tonight.

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