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by louthandproud on January 19, 2017

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We played them this time last year and we also had an eye on a possible championship meeting.

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So this Sunday will be Groundhog day

New Manager

New man at the helm, Andy McEntee has a fine track record, he won a club All-Ireland with Ballyboden two seasons ago and this alone has Meath fans very excited.

Throw in Donal Curtis and his brother Gerry McEntee to the set up and this has only added to the hysteria.

Meath Supporters want their teams to be hardy and wholesome the two McEntee’s embody this entirely.

However, since taking over the reigns from Mick O’Dowd very little has changed they are working with more or less the same bunch of players.

That agricultural style of play the supporters want to see is very much there as well.
Long direct balls and plenty of foot passing.

It may be what the Meath people want to see but they might find that the old school way of playing might not be the answer.

Their Set up

First year in charge, they shouldn’t be up to the same cohesiveness as us. As well as management getting to know the players the group of players have to get to know their roles and system under them too.

So far they have played 15 on 15 and they are quite good at it.

If thats the way everybody played they’d win an All-Ireland but nobody plays that way anymore even Carlow had a defensive approach.

Meath’s downfall has been blanket defence’s either facing them or not having one.

They can’t control the game playing without a sweeper hence they lose leads. We nearly reeled them in last year in Drogheda and in the Championship we never showed up.

On Sunday we should look to expose the space they will allow our forwards and at the back should slow down their attacks and let them kick the ball in long. We’ll sweep them up all day and look to counter.

Possible Meath Lineup

Meath – Jack Hannigan;
Donal Keogan, Donnacha Tobin, Mickey Burke;
Daire Smyth, Brian Power, Sean Curran;
Bryan Menton, Cian O’Brien;
Cillian O’Sullivan, Graham Reilly, Ruairi O’Coileáin
Donal Lenihan, Seanie Tobin, Bryan McMahon.

Comment: Settled full back line is straight forward enough to pick. Half back line is very tough to select. Menton has come back into their squad this year and forms a formidable midfield.
Up top: They have very pacy set of forwards.

Solid bunch of players on paper but the lack of a system will let them down.

Lets hope the Groundhog day like the venue the result will be different come Sunday.

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