The Louth team has been Named

by louthandproud on January 29, 2016

in County

Here it is

What do think of the team?? reaction later, be sure to tune in!

What do think of the team?? Will it beat London?

The Reaction

No major surprises really….


Lynch gets trusted with the number 1 Jersey and Lafferty gets the nod at Left half and fellow PAts man Toner gets the other corner back spot…if in doubt I suppose you’d be foolish not to go with a Pats defender?
other than that it was straight forward at the back.

Middle of the field


why start two midfielders when you can squeeze all three in form midfilders into the team?
Tommy D and Peach will man the middle while James Stewart will help out in the engine room by dropping off the forty.
That space on the forty will be filled by Conall McKeever who is named in the corner.

2up top

With McKeever dropping out the field, Jim and Conor Grimes have been given the responsibility to lead the line.
Conor starts his first game and Jim is our most in form forward.
Good combination and nicely balanced.
Playing style they’ll be physical and will pose a constant threat to the London rearguard.
The game has probably come too soon for Ryan Burns but hopefully he’ll get some minutes off the bench, Colm Judge too.

All in all can’t complain and really looking forward to Sunday now.

I’ll have a preview on the game up in the morning and I should have an insight to the London team this afternoon too.

thanks everyone for reading all week

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