The Colin Kelly Era

by louthandproud on January 3, 2015

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Colin Kelly has been made Louth manager….we all know this but


I’ve not gotten  a chance to comment until now, on the eve of his first competitive game.

This is a general breakdown of what I think we have to expect.

Right quick fire STRENGTHS
County Knowledge:
If this is one thing his predecessor AOR lacked, Kelly will not. Length and breadth of the county he’s worked with, managed, watched, even played against numerous players and teams. So he’ll know every player and every player worth knowing, so look out for some fresh faces tomorrow they could be creative additions he’ll have his reasons for their inclusions so trust him.

I’ve heard Colin Kelly speak as a pundit and he’s always been composed and well-spoken and generally on LMFM or Newstalk he talks a good game.
This does bode well going into Division 3 next season with a number of high profile players not there how he communicates with the county through these outlets will be important as he could be a a manager under pressure.

He’ll be forever known in Louth Circles as one of the best forwards slash free takers we’ve ever had. Outside the county he holds that profile too. Aswell as that, he has a presence that’s something that can’t be bought players in county will have instant respect for him.

Track record:
His only foray into inter-county level he got Louth to a U21 leinster final a terrific achievement and possibly the foundation of his appointment.
Looking specifically at his track record in Louth, admittedly with a few dips along the way it stands up, winning an intermediate title with both the Dreadnots and O’Raghallaighs.
Bringing the Dreadnots to three finals this season is not to be sniffed at. Bascially he’s doing something right.

Dreadnot Contingent:
Pepe Smith and Peach Califf could not commit last season but we’ll certainly need them on board in 2015. Kelly, having worked with them this year could be a big factor to persuade them on board next season. Thats a strength. Right?
It has to be done but here’s his WEAKNESSES

Man Management:
Kelly’s man management style is described as a blunt Marmite approach, meaning, you either love it or hate it. I’d worry with next year’s panel age profile being very young that they might need the arm round the shoulder approach and as much confidence dripped into them as possible. However, this is a ‘mans’ game after all and they should be able to take some criticism on the line blunt or not.

I can only look at the most recent county final with worry.
Playing Pepe Smith on the wing on Ray Finnegan could be seen as the main match up error and possibly cost Clogher the game. Kelly has to take the flak for that one.
However, he has drafted in Eugene Judge and Ollie McDonnell as aid, so the tactical load (thankfully) won’t be all on him.

The Kelly era will be defined on how well he draws from his own inter county experience.

He’s part of the old boys club, he’s played for Louth for 15 seasons, he knows who’s got what it takes, he’ll know who’s putting it in, He’s played at the highest level He’s stroked the ball over the bar under pressure, He’s felt the expectancy of being louth’s best player and He’s a track record of getting the best out of numerous teams he’s been in charge of,


he’s a winner and won’t accept low standards in an inter county environment that could work.

Here’s hoping.

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