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by louthandproud on June 29, 2015

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Recap on Leitrim and Tipp next but first

Saturday night talking Starting Points

Systems, yes Systems

For the first time this year, we played with a defensive structure and my oh my did it work!
It really was a must win game, as the whole county was filled with self doubt about its footballing identity.
So we battened down the hatches and looked really solid at times.
It wasn’t just that we defended well systematically, we attacked and built from the back brightly too and that was key.

We even nailed all our frees, Burnsey close in on the left, Judge on the Right and Peach Califf from long range gives us a platform in every game.

It may have been pedestrian at times and some of the Leitrim scores were easily attained considering we had so many men back but, Like I say, it is a starting point.
Our intensity will increase along with our confidence for the Tipp Game.


Conall McKeever dropped off the wing and put in an excellent shift on his debut.
You can see why he was picked in the first place.
A good solo runner Dropping deep and comfortable bringing the ball out of defence, the role suited him. Bevan did the same the other wing but I’ll get to him in a second.

The other debutant, Ronan Holdcroft has been on the scene for years as the chief marksman in louth club football for the Fechins and he brought all that muscle memory to his Louth Debut.
He kicked over 3 fine points from play as easily and accurately as he would as if he was in green and white hoops.
Thats the thing, he wasn’t asked to do anything he wouldn’t normally do with the club but anything he did do he did with conviction.

The two lads summed up Louth football at them moment.
Tougher tests will come but, as starting points and debuts go, it sets the standard for now on.

MiDdfield triage

I said last week that Louth had possibly the tallest midfield pairing ever and it showed.
The length of Peach and Durnin meant on opposing kickouts, we were always highly competitive and forced them to go short too.
On our own kickouts, we were able to go long and it worked a treat, also Craig Lynch was able to mix it up by having Bevan as an option on the wing too.

Actually was that Craig Lynchs Championship debut for Louth too?
He was composed, made some stops and one dodgy kickout aside, he’ll grow from it too. Shoutout to Neil Gallagher too, he stood hid behind the goals in the teeming rain just to supply Craig the ball as quick as he could, and give Louth the best chance of victory.
In what would have only been a tough week for Gally after being dropped, he showed serious dignity to do what he did, I don’t think many others in his position would do the same. Massive respect.

The Triage of the two midfielders and Lynch has great potential. but we can now compete with any county in the air going forward. Leitrim showed that.


We needed someone to make the forward line tick and Pepe did the job.
The ever talented Clogher man has all the skills he just needed the opportunities to show it off.
Bevan Duffy my man of the match put in a mammoth shift because he was working his socks off and dropping out he made the space for Pepe, Judge, Burns and Holdcroft to operate in.
When you look at that list they are 4 out of the 5 top5 scoring forwards in Louth Club football at the moment. who’s missing you ask? Shane Lennon.
The point is, all these lads know how to score and they are very comfortable on the ball, making them a fluid unit to mark.

We can always score we having the scorers and tighter defence’s will come and giving them space is key going forward.

The Bench

If you were to tell me Pop Rath gets black carded early doors and we still keep a clean sheet, I’d have laughed you out the gate. He did and we Did.
Eoghan Lafferty came in and done a great job. Ruairi Moore is pushing very close to a start as he seems to come in to see out game for tired legs and Peter Kirwan the same.

The game was there for the winning and we needed a different option off the bench. Conor Grimes inside gave us that option.
Conor coming on as a sub, meant we had a long ball option but not starting him meant we didn’t use it all game so the element of surprise worked a treat.

Derek Maguire was effective as usual off the bench, may have been annoyed if his man got in for a goal but will be delighted his outrageous point was shown to the nation on the Sunday Game last night.

Off the bench We have options that can win a game, that’s a major starting point In the modern game!

The Future

Kevin Toner, Eoin O’Connor and Jim McEneaney weren’t even available for selection so that tells you the strength of the panel
why I never bought the we are short players excuse as the quality of player in the panel has always been good enough.
So you can see why I was pissed off we were relegated.

But the past is the past.

We needed a win to plot the Starting point
we got it.

We finally learned and decided to play with a system that protects our defence.
Because once we do that we have a chance.
We have and always have the creativity and forwards to get the scores.

maybe it’s not that long of a way to Tipperary!?

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John June 29, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Moore is definitely pushing for a starting place. I would like to see him get a start and have a crack against tipp.

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