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by louthandproud on January 23, 2017

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Yesterday was a day of all days for Louth Supporters, everywhere.

I’m privileged to give you this weeks Talking Points from Yesterdays thrashing of Meath.

GoalllllKeeper ??

Craig Lynch’s kick outs were on the money yesterday. Ridiculously accurate. He set us up for dominance in possession.
The way he picked out Reido on the run in the second half was Cluxton-esque.
There is no higher compliment for a goalie.

Jim Pen

On behalf of Louth supporters everywhere.
I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Jim for burying the ball past the forward formerly know as Joe.
It was a pleasure, it really was.

Especially to silence the jeery meath supporters who moronically cheered him on to the field.

The way in which the dead ball was despatched. the force of ball was like every single Louth person in the ground generated the power with their minds.

To top it all off, the celebration.
Closed fist and roar as he stood over the forward formerly know as Joe was poignant.

We have this image now forever. Just Beautiful.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 01.09.20

Another Debutant ??

Sam Mulroy came on and shone in the Navan Sun.
It won’t be last of this years Naomh Mairtin minor captain.

Superb deadball cameo and showed superb composure to turn his man to get a point at the end.
Class option going forward.

Here’s his magic moment click here.

Mac is Bac ??

Andy McDonnell showed us yesterday exactly what we were missing this past few seasons since he’s been away.
Composed, elegant and intelligent.

Exciting player to have on board.

Headaches and Heartbreaks

On a day SOM man Liam Dullaghan showed us he is here to stay.
Who would like to pick this panel never mind the starting team.
Yesterday each and every sub staked a claim.

Conor Martin, Conor Brannigan and Derek Crilly weren’t even on the bench yesterday.
Burnsey and Eoin O’Connor still have to come in too!


I know we beat a poor Meath side and no one is getting carried away.
The league is the league and only two weeks away.
Yesterday was a boost for the county no doubt about it, next week should be something special too.

The Dubs (all be it their 3rd string) come to town and it will also highlight to the powers that be the state of our county grounds situation.

We have a really good chance for some silver ware at home bring it on!
Join in all week for the Build up only on

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