Sunday Senior quarter final Picks

by louthandproud on September 3, 2016

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All 4 teams at the top Division 1

champo2016 (2)
face off in the quarter finals of the senior finals today.

Here’s my picks…

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If you are a betting man and backed the favourites Clogher for the Joe Ward this year you’d be very happy.

Clogher have passed all tests available in their Champions examination so far this season. Coasting through the group putting contenders Gers to bed with ease and Trounced Cooley by not even playing well.

The next test they face today is the intermediate champions from last year they are expected to beat, much like their two previous games bar the lack of cushion that knockout brings.

Can they handle it? yes.
I mentioned the loss of Liam Shevlin in the LMFM (listen below)preview but he could well feature too.

Plucky underdogs if ever there was plucky underdogs Kilkerley is not an easy game. ever.

They have a dogged defence, Bellew power around the middle eight, Talisman Shane Lennon to focus the attack along with some other scorers too.

Can’t wait.

Seconds up, is the Gers and SOM in an audition for the role of Champions.

Two big pretenders going head to head makes this game a must see. You can foresee the tension the opening and final ten minutes will bring.

The minutes in-between will see the Gers will bring the forward play while the O’Mahonys will look to shut it down.

The pain of losing a senior final has driven the Dundalk men this far can it get them across the line or will it burden them? The Geraldines haven’t felt that pain at any stage of their footballing lives and that freedom might get them to the semis.

Should be a cracker.


Dreadnots and Gers

If You haven’t heard my preview on LMFM last weekend, Listen to it right here.

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