Slip inside the eyes of CK’s mind

by louthandproud on May 10, 2016

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Championship this Saturday night


What exactly will be going through our managers mind this week?

Here’s a possible insight to the hectic life of managing this county.


Hard ground, new balls, sun out and long evenings. Perfect environment for training and Championship. Delegation this week will be minimal as Gary O’Hanlon’s fitness work is all but done now at this stage, Paddy Crozier will hash out a few pointers on the system and what we’ll face but Ck’s main duty will be to contain the lads giddyness. They’ll be mad for action, tearing into tackles in behind closed doors games. Competition for places on the squad nevermind the team is strife. He’ll have to find the balance of not letting them burn too much energy while keeping the leash tight.


This is the part CK will pass over to Paddy Crozier and Paul Gallagher.
They’re the eye’s on the sky and on the ground. They’ll have trawled through the Carlow league game for weaknesses. They’ll be telling the lads where to exploit them.

CK will be tapping into this well of information all week too, especially on the pitch in Darver. Getting that communication right to the players is key. No Complacency allowed.


Being the head honcho he’ll have the final say on all selections.
It’s a tough job dropping players but it’s been made easier by Tommy Durnin’s decision to head to the states for the summer. Club games could have thrown a few players into the reckoning who knows?

A surprise or two in the first 15 could be no harm and picking on form could be something Carlow won’t expect and make the starting line up play out of their skins too. If they are picked on merit and the trust of the manager they’ll be empowered to perform Saturday night.

The Form

Our manager all week will either be thinking: we are the second best team in Leinster at the minute or we can only afford to look at this carlow game as anything beyond one game at a time is madness.

Only CK will know in his mind where this squad is at. He’s in the most powerful position to gauge the group.

Thanks for slipping inside the eye of CK’s mind. I hope what you found wasn’t that scary! More tomorrow

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