Senior Final Preview

by louthandproud on October 4, 2015

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My preview of the countys


Blue riband event.

Firstly, lets pause for a moment and just look at our two finalists and how they both deserve to be there. Arguably the best two teams in Louth football at the moment. Clogher will feel aggrieved but on merit, the tide of momentum both these sides are on is unique and equally special.

The Pats are like glacier in terms of momentum, steady and so so consistent and just crush anyone in their way.
The O’Mahonys rise is something of a quicker pace but devastating also to keep with the geography terms a mudslide.

It all happened this time last year for SOM, getting over the Clans in an epic three game saga to reach the intermediate final and then beat the Fechins and progress the whole way to a All-Ireland final, capturing a Leinster along the way and then finding themselves in a Joe Ward decider you can’t help but think they haven’t even blinked in-between and their football is of a similar vein off the cuff instinctual brilliance.

Although from the outside, the SOM have gotten them to the final without even thinking, having a build up and time to sense the momentous nature of their first ever final might make them think and then overthink.
That is where the Pats come in.
They are cold when it comes to the big occasion a lot of people and the players in the senior preview Friday pointed to the Pats big game experience and they have a lot more, a hell of a lot more than their opponents and that is what will get them over the line.

Truth be told, Louth Football needed this shot in the arm. Regardless of the result, The Quayside men have been a breath of fresh air.
This would be the biggest shock since the Joes in 2006

Once you get over the novel pairing and honestly ask yourself the question
Is the whole county just convincing themselves that the SOM really can win because they want the underdog to prevail and see the Pats lose for the first time in two years league or championship!?

Look closer at the SOM players and they are quite good, they have alot of scoring forwards that work really hard and they match up well with the Pats.
Ronan Byrne on Danny O’Connor, Dessie and Crawley, Keith McLaughlin on McCann, Kurt Murphy/Mickey Clarke on Karl White.
The major outlier is Eoin O’Connor the man for the big occasion and SOM don’t match up too well with him even Shane Brennan has the engine to at least stick with PK,

So can the SOM can win? yes
but will they??

Pats for me.

deferred coverage on TG4

thanks for reading folks!

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louthandproud October 4, 2015 at 5:26 pm

Inaccurate really?
Thanks for your comment, coward.

Anonymous October 4, 2015 at 9:03 am

That article is so inaccurate I’m pretty sure a child wrote it, and that child has never been to a single match either this year or last!!

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